Definitions for: Dressing

[n] the act of applying a bandage
[n] the activity of getting dressed
[n] processes in the conversion of rough hides into leather
[n] a cloth covering for a wound or sore
[n] making fertile as by applying fertilizer or manure
[n] a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables
[n] savory dressings for salads; basically of two kinds: either the thin French or vinaigrette type or the creamy mayonnaise type

Webster (1913) Definition: Dress"ing, n.
1. Dress; raiment; especially, ornamental habiliment or
attire. --B. Jonson.

2. (Surg.) An application (a remedy, bandage, etc.) to a sore
or wound. --Wiseman.

3. Manure or compost over land. When it remains on the
surface, it is called a top-dressing.

4. (Cookery)
(a) A preparation to fit food for use; a condiment; as, a
dressing for salad.
(b) The stuffing of fowls, pigs, etc.; forcemeat.

5. Gum, starch, and the like, used in stiffening or finishing
silk, linen, and other fabrics.

6. An ornamental finish, as a molding around doors, windows,
or on a ceiling, etc.

7. Castigation; scolding; -- often with down. [Colloq.]

Dressing case, a case of toilet utensils.

Dressing forceps, a variety of forceps, shaped like a pair
of scissors, used in dressing wounds.

Dressing gown, a light gown, such as is used by a person
while dressing; a study gown.

Dressing room, an apartment appropriated for making one's

Dressing table, a table at which a person may dress, and on
which articles for the toilet stand.

Top-dressing, manure or compost spread over land and not
worked into the soil.

Synonyms: bandaging, binding, fecundation, fertilisation, fertilization, grooming, medical dressing, salad dressing, stuffing

See Also: anchovy dressing, bandage, bleu cheese dressing, blue cheese dressing, cataplasm, cloth covering, compress, concoction, conversion, covering, enrichment, farce, forcemeat, French dressing, half-and-half dressing, intermixture, Italian dressing, Lorenzo dressing, mayonnaise, medical aid, medical care, mixture, oyster dressing, oyster stuffing, plaster, poultice, primping, Roquefort dressing, Russian dressing, Russian mayonnaise, salad cream, sauce, sauce Louis, sauce vinaigrette, surgical dressing, Thousand Island dressing, toilet, top dressing, turkey stuffing, vinaigrette

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