Definitions for: Douse

[v] cover with liquid; pour liquid onto; "souse water on his hot face"
[v] slacken; "douse a rope"
[v] lower quickly; "douse a sail"
[v] immerse into a liquid; "dunk the bread into the soup"
[v] dip into a liquid; "He dipped into the pool"
[v] wet thoroughly
[v] put out, as of a candle or a light; "Douse the lights"

Webster (1913) Definition: Douse, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Doused; p. pr. & vb. n.
Dousing.] [Cf. Dowse, and OD. donsen to strike with the
fist on the back, Sw. dunsa to fall down violently and
noisily; perh. akin to E. din.]
1. To plunge suddenly into water; to duck; to immerse; to
dowse. --Bp. Stillingfleet.

2. (Naut.) To strike or lower in haste; to slacken suddenly;
as, douse the topsail.

Douse, v. i.
To fall suddenly into water. --Hudibras.

Douse, v. t. [AS. dw[ae]scan. (Skeat.)]
To put out; to extinguish. [Slang] `` To douse the glim.''
--Sir W. Scott.

Synonyms: dip, dip, dowse, dowse, drench, duck, dunk, plunge, put out, soak, sop, souse, souse

See Also: bate, bedraggle, brine, dabble, douse, douse, duck, dunk, extinguish, flush, furl, immerse, plunge, quench, remit, ret, roll up, slacken, sluice, sop, souse, wet, wet

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