Definitions for: Doctrinaire

[n] a stubborn person of arbitrary or arrogant opinions
[adj] stubbornly insistent on theory without regard for practicality or suitability

Webster (1913) Definition: Doc`tri*naire", n. [F. See Doctrine.]
One who would apply to political or other practical concerns
the abstract doctrines or the theories of his own
philosophical system; a propounder of a new set of opinions;
a dogmatic theorist. Used also adjectively; as, doctrinaire

Note: In french history, the Doctrinaires were a
constitutionalist party which originated after the
restoration of the Bourbons, and represented the
interests of liberalism and progress. After the
Revolution of July, 1830, when they came into power,
they assumed a conservative position in antagonism with
the republicans and radicals. --Am. Cyc.

Synonyms: dogmatist, informative, instructive

See Also: partisan, zealot

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