Definitions for: Ditch

[n] a long narrow excavation in the earth
[n] any small natural waterway
[v] cut a trench in, as for drainage; "ditch the land to drain it"; "trench the fields"
[v] crash or crash-land; "ditch a car"; "ditch a plane"
[v] make an emergency landing on water
[v] sever all ties with, usually unceremoniously or irresponsibly; "The company dumped him after many years of service"; "She dumped her boyfriend when she fell in love with a rich man"
[v] throw away (slang); "Chuck these old notes"
[v] forsake; "ditch a lover"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ditch (?; 224), n.; pl. Ditches. [OE. dich, orig. the
same word as dik. See Dike.]
1. A trench made in the earth by digging, particularly a
trench for draining wet land, for guarding or fencing
inclosures, or for preventing an approach to a town or
fortress. In the latter sense, it is called also a moat
or a fosse.

2. Any long, narrow receptacle for water on the surface of
the earth.

Ditch, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Ditched; p. pr. & vb. n.
1. To dig a ditch or ditches in; to drain by a ditch or
ditches; as, to ditch moist land.

2. To surround with a ditch. --Shak.

3. To throw into a ditch; as, the engine was ditched and
turned on its side.

Ditch, v. i.
To dig a ditch or ditches. --Swift.

Synonyms: chuck, dump, trench

See Also: abandon, crash, crash land, desert, desolate, dig, drainage ditch, excavate, excavation, forsake, get rid of, ha-ha, haw-haw, hole in the ground, hollow, irrigation ditch, remove, sunk fence, trench, waterway

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