Definitions for: Dissolution

[n] the termination of a relationship
[n] the termination of a meeting
[n] dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure
[n] separation into component parts
[n] the process of going into solution; "the dissolving of salt in water"

Webster (1913) Definition: Dis`so*lu"tion, n. [OE. dissolucioun
dissoluteness, F. dissolution, fr. L. dissolutio, fr.
dissolvere. See Dissolve.]
1. The act of dissolving, sundering, or separating into
component parts; separation.

Dissolutions of ancient amities. --Shak.

2. Change from a solid to a fluid state; solution by heat or
moisture; liquefaction; melting.

3. Change of form by chemical agency; decomposition;

The dissolution of the compound. --South.

4. The dispersion of an assembly by terminating its sessions;
the breaking up of a partnership.

Dissolution is the civil death of Parliament.

5. The extinction of life in the human body; separation of
the soul from the body; death.

We expected Immediate dissolution. --Milton.

6. The state of being dissolved, or of undergoing

A man of continual dissolution and thaw. --Shak.

7. The new product formed by dissolving a body; a solution.

8. Destruction of anything by the separation of its parts;

To make a present dissolution of the world.

9. Corruption of morals; dissipation; dissoluteness. [Obs. or
R.] --Atterbury.

Synonyms: adjournment, breakup, disintegration, dissipation, dissolving, licentiousness, profligacy

See Also: action, activity, annulment, conclusion, ending, fibrinolysis, intemperance, intemperateness, invalidation, liquefaction, lysis, natural action, natural process, self-indulgence, termination

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