Definitions for: Disrepute

[n] the state of being held in low esteem; "your actions will bring discredit to your name"; "because of the scandal the school has fallen into disrepute"

Webster (1913) Definition: Dis`re*pute", n.
Loss or want of reputation; ill character; disesteem;

At the beginning of the eighteenth century astrology
fell into general disrepute. --Sir W.

Syn: Disesteem; discredit; dishonor; disgrace.

Dis`re*pute", v. t.
To bring into disreputation; to hold in dishonor. [R.]

More inclined to love them tan to disrepute them.
--Jer. Taylor.

Synonyms: discredit

Antonyms: reputation, repute

See Also: dishonor, dishonour, infamy

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