Definitions for: Displace

[v] put out of its usual place, position, or relationship; "The colonists displaced the natives"
[v] remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied; "The new employee dislodged her by moving into her office space"
[v] cause to move, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense; "Move those boxes into the corner, please"; "I'm moving my money to another bank"; "The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant"
[v] force to move; "the refugees were displaced by the war"
[v] take the place of
[v] move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment; "The war uprooted many people"

Webster (1913) Definition: Dis*place", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Displaced; p. pr. &
vb. n. Displacing.] [Pref. dis- + place: cf. F.
1. To change the place of; to remove from the usual or proper
place; to put out of place; to place in another situation;
as, the books in the library are all displaced.

2. To crowd out; to take the place of.

Holland displaced Portugal as the mistress of those
seas. --London

3. To remove from a state, office, dignity, or employment; to
discharge; to depose; as, to displace an officer of the

4. To dislodge; to drive away; to banish. [Obs.]

You have displaced the mirth. --Shak.

Syn: To disarrange; derange; dismiss; discard.

Synonyms: bump, deracinate, dislocate, dislodge, move, uproot

See Also: advance, agitate, base, beat, blow, boot out, boot out, bowl over, brandish, bring down, bring forward, bring outside, bring up, bump around, carry, center, centre, change hands, channel, channelise, channelize, chase away, chuck out, chuck out, circulate, commove, crowd, crowd out, dandle, depress, deracinate, direct, disarrange, disgorge, dislocate, dislodge, dispel, displace, distribute, disturb, disunite, divide, drag, draw, drive, drive away, drive off, drive out, drop, eject, eject, elevate, engage, evacuate, exclude, exclude, expel, expel, exteriorize, extirpate, flap, flick, flourish, fluctuate, force, force out, funnel, get down, get up, glide, herd, hustle, impel, jar, kick out, kick out, knock over, lateralize, launch, lay, let down, lift, lock, lower, luxate, mesh, mobilise, mobilize, operate, overturn, part, pass around, pass on, place, place, play, pose, position, post, pour, press down, propel, pull, pulse, pump, push, put, race, raise, raise up, rake, relocate, reposition, resettle, riffle, rock, roll, root out, rouse, rout out, ruffle, run, run off, rush, saltate, scan, send, separate, set, set in motion, shake up, shed, shift, ship, singsong, sink, slide, slip, slop, spill, splatter, splay, squeeze, station, stir, stir up, sway, swing, take back, take down, throw, throw out, throw out, tip over, transfer, translate, transmit, transplant, transport, tug, turf out, turf out, turn, turn back, turn out, turn out, turn over, twine, unroll, unseat, unwind, uproot, upset, upstage, vex, wash, wave, wedge, whistle, whoosh, wind, wind off, work, wrap

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