Definitions for: Dishonour

[n] lacking honor or integrity
[n] a state of shame or disgrace; "he was resigned to a life of dishonor"
[v] refuse to accept; "dishonor checks and drafts"
[v] bring dishonor upon
[v] assault sexually; force to have sex

Synonyms: attaint, disgrace, dishonor, dishonor, dishonor, dishonor, outrage, rape, ravish, shame, violate

Antonyms: honor, honor, honor, honor, honour, honour, honour, honour, laurels, reward

See Also: assail, assault, attack, befoul, corruptness, decline, defile, discredit, disesteem, disgrace, disrepute, foul, gang-rape, ignominy, infamy, maculate, opprobrium, pass up, refuse, reject, set on, shame, standing, turn down, unrighteousness

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