Definitions for: Dishonor

[n] lacking honor or integrity
[n] a state of shame or disgrace; "he was resigned to a life of dishonor"
[v] refuse to accept; "dishonor checks and drafts"
[v] bring dishonor upon
[v] assault sexually; force to have sex

Webster (1913) Definition: Dis*hon"or (d[i^]s*[o^]n"[~e]r or d[i^]z-), n. [OE.
deshonour, dishonour, OF. deshonor, deshonur, F.
d['e]shonneur; pref. des- (L. dis-) + honor, honur, F.
honneur, fr. L. honor. See Honor.] [Written also
1. Lack of honor; disgrace; ignominy; shame; reproach.

It was not meet for us to see the king's dishonor.
--Ezra iv. 14.

His honor rooted in dishonor stood. --Tennyson.

2. (Law) The nonpayment or nonacceptance of commercial paper
by the party on whom it is drawn.

Syn: Disgrace; ignominy; shame; censure; reproach;

Dis*hon"or, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Dishonored; p. pr.
& vb. n. Dishonoring.] [OE. deshonouren, F. d['e]shonorer;
pref. d['e]s- (L. dis-) + honorer to honor, fr. L. honorare.
See Honor, v. t.] [Written also dishonour.]
1. To deprive of honor; to disgrace; to bring reproach or
shame on; to treat with indignity, or as unworthy in the
sight of others; to stain the character of; to lessen the
reputation of; as, the duelist dishonors himself to
maintain his honor.

Nothing . . . that may dishonor Our law, or stain my
vow of Nazarite. --Milton.

2. To violate the chastity of; to debauch. --Dryden.

3. To refuse or decline to accept or pay; -- said of a bill,
check, note, or draft which is due or presented; as, to
dishonor a bill exchange.

Syn: To disgrace; shame; debase; degrade; lower; humble;
humiliate; debauch; pollute.

Synonyms: attaint, disgrace, dishonour, dishonour, dishonour, dishonour, outrage, rape, ravish, shame, violate

Antonyms: honor, honor, honor, honor, honour, honour, honour, honour, laurels, reward

See Also: assail, assault, attack, befoul, corruptness, decline, defile, discredit, disesteem, disgrace, disrepute, foul, gang-rape, ignominy, infamy, maculate, opprobrium, pass up, refuse, reject, set on, shame, standing, turn down, unrighteousness

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