Definitions for: Diplomacy

[n] subtly skillful handling of a situation
[n] wisdom in the management of public affairs
[n] negotiation between nations

Webster (1913) Definition: Di*plo"ma*cy, n. [F. diplomatie. This word, like
supremacy, retains the accent of its original. See
1. The art and practice of conducting negotiations between
nations (particularly in securing treaties), including the
methods and forms usually employed.

2. Dexterity or skill in securing advantages; tact.

3. The body of ministers or envoys resident at a court; the
diplomatic body. [R.] --Burke.

Synonyms: delicacy, diplomatic negotiations, discreetness, finesse, statecraft, statesmanship

See Also: dialogue, dollar diplomacy, gunboat diplomacy, negotiation, power politics, SALT, shuttle diplomacy, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, tact, tactfulness, talks, wisdom, wiseness

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