Definitions for: Diminutive

[n] a word that is formed with a suffix (such as -let or -kin) to indicate smallness
[adj] very small; "diminutive in stature"; "a lilliputian chest of drawers"; "her petite figure"; "tiny feet"

Webster (1913) Definition: Di*min"u*tive, a. [Cf. L. deminutivus, F.
1. Below the average size; very small; little.

2. Expressing diminution; as, a diminutive word.

3. Tending to diminish. [R.]

Diminutive of liberty. --Shaftesbury.

Di*min"u*tive, n.
1. Something of very small size or value; an insignificant

Such water flies, diminutives of nature. --Shak.

2. (Gram.) A derivative from a noun, denoting a small or a
young object of the same kind with that denoted by the
primitive; as, gosling, eaglet, lambkin.

Babyisms and dear diminutives. --Tennyson.

Note: The word sometimes denotes a derivative verb which
expresses a diminutive or petty form of the action, as

Synonyms: bantam, lilliputian, little, midget, petite, small, tiny

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