Definitions for: Diffidence

[n] lack of self-confidence

Webster (1913) Definition: Dif"fi*dence, n. [L. diffidentia.]
1. The state of being diffident; distrust; want of
confidence; doubt of the power, ability, or disposition of
others. [Archaic]

That affliction grew heavy upon me, and weighed me
down even to a diffidence of God's mercy. --Donne.

2. Distrust of one's self or one's own powers; lack of
self-reliance; modesty; modest reserve; bashfulness.

It is good to speak on such questions with
diffidence. --Macaulay.

An Englishman's habitual diffidence and awkwardness
of address. --W. Irving.

Syn: Humility; bashfulness; distrust; suspicion; doubt; fear;
timidity; apprehension; hesitation. See Humility, and

Synonyms: self-distrust, self-doubt

Antonyms: confidence

See Also: hesitance, hesitancy, personality, timidity, timidness, timorousness, unassertiveness

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