Definitions for: Detail

[n] an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole; "several of the details are similar"; "a point of information"
[n] extended treatment of particulars; "the essay contained too much detail"
[n] a crew of workers selected for a particular task; "a detail was sent to remove the fallen trees"
[n] a temporary military unit; "the peace-keeping force includes one British contingent"
[n] a small part that can be considered separately from the whole; "it was perfect in all details"
[v] assign to a specific task; "The ambulances were detailed to the fire station"
[v] provide details for

Webster (1913) Definition: De"tail (d[=e]"t[=a]l or d[-e]*t[=a]l"; 277), n. [F.
d['e]tail, fr. d['e]tailler to cut in pieces, tell in detail;
pref. d['e]- (L. de or dis-) + tailler to cut. See Tailor.]
1. A minute portion; one of the small parts; a particular; an
item; -- used chiefly in the plural; as, the details of a
scheme or transaction.

The details of the campaign in Italy. --Motley.

2. A narrative which relates minute points; an account which
dwells on particulars.

3. (Mil.) The selection for a particular service of a person
or a body of men; hence, the person or the body of men so

Detail drawing, a drawing of the full size, or on a large
scale, of some part of a building, machine, etc.

In detail, in subdivisions; part by part; item;
circumstantially; with particularity.

Syn: Account; relation; narrative; recital; explanation;

De"tail (d[-e]*t[=a]l"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Detailed
(-t[=a]ld"); p. pr. & vb. n. Detailing.] [Cf. F.
d['e]tailler to cut up in pieces, tell in detail. See
Detail, n.]
1. To relate in particulars; to particularize; to report
minutely and distinctly; to enumerate; to specify; as, he
detailed all the facts in due order.

2. (Mil.) To tell off or appoint for a particular service, as
an officer, a troop, or a squadron.

Syn: Detail, Detach.

Usage: Detail respect the act of individualizing the person
or body that is separated; detach, the removing for
the given end or object.

De*tail", n. (Arch. & Mach.)
(a) A minor part, as, in a building, the cornice, caps of the
buttresses, capitals of the columns, etc., or (called
larger details) a porch, a gable with its windows, a
pavilion, or an attached tower.
(b) A detail drawing.

In detail, in subdivisions; part by part; item by item;
circumstantially; with particularity.

Synonyms: contingent, item, item, particular, point

See Also: assign, component, component part, crew, dilate, discourse, discussion, elaborate, enlarge, expand, expatiate, exposit, expound, fact, flesh out, force, gang, high spot, highlight, lucubrate, military force, military group, military unit, minutia, nook and cranny, nooks and crannies, part, portion, regard, respect, set apart, specify, sticking point, technicality, treatment, trifle, triviality, work party

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