Definitions for: Demolition

[n] the act of demolishing
[n] an event or the result of an event that destroys something

Webster (1913) Definition: Dem`o*li"tion (?; 277), n. [L. demolitio, fr.
demoliri: cf. F. d['e]molition. See Demolish.]
The act of overthrowing, pulling down, or destroying a pile
or structure; destruction by violence; utter overthrow; --
opposed to construction; as, the demolition of a house, of
military works, of a town, or of hopes.

Synonyms: destruction

See Also: annihilation, conclusion, depredation, destruction, devastation, disintegration, ending, eradication, finish, obliteration, rack, ravage, razing, ruin, ruination, wrack, wrecking

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