Definitions for: Defender

[n] a person who cares for persons or property
[n] a fighter who holds out against attack

Webster (1913) Definition: De*fend"er, n. [Cf. Fender.]
One who defends; one who maintains, supports, protects, or
vindicates; a champion; an advocate; a vindicator.

Provinces . . . left without their ancient and puissant
defenders. --Motley.

Synonyms: guardian, protector, shielder, withstander

See Also: admonisher, battler, belligerent, bodyguard, champion, chaperon, chaperone, combatant, custodian, escort, fighter, fire fighter, fire-eater, firefighter, fireman, foster-parent, guard, hero, keeper, law officer, lawman, monitor, paladin, patron saint, peace officer, peacekeeper, preserver, reminder, scrapper, steward

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