Definitions for: Deepen

[v] become more intense; "The debate intensified"; "His dislike for raw fish only deepened in Japan"
[v] make more intense, stronger, or more marked; "The efforts were intensified", "Her rudeness intensified his dislike for her"; "Potsmokers claim it heightens their awareness"; "This event only deepened my convictions"
[v] become deeper in tone; "His voice began to change when he was 12 years old"; "Her voice deepened when she whispered the password"
[v] make deeper; "They deepened the lake so that bigger pleasure boats could use it"

Webster (1913) Definition: Deep"en, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Deepened; p. pr. & vb.
n. Deepening.]
1. To make deep or deeper; to increase the depth of; to sink
lower; as, to deepen a well or a channel.

It would . . . deepen the bed of the Tiber.

2. To make darker or more intense; to darken; as, the event
deepened the prevailing gloom.

You must deepen your colors. --Peacham.

3. To make more poignant or affecting; to increase in degree;
as, to deepen grief or sorrow.

4. To make more grave or low in tone; as, to deepen the tones
of an organ.

Deepens the murmur of the falling floods. --Pope.

Deep"en, v. i.
To become deeper; as, the water deepens at every cast of the
lead; the plot deepens.

His blood-red tresses deepening in the sun. --Byron.

Synonyms: change, compound, heighten, intensify

See Also: accelerate, amplify, break open, build, burst out, condense, deepen, enhance, enlarge, erupt, fan, flare, flare up, heat up, hot up, increase, quicken, raise, redouble, screw up, sharpen, speed, speed up

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