Definitions for: Dancing

[n] taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
[adj] moving quickly and excitedly; "on dancing feet"

Webster (1913) Definition: Dan"cing, p. a. & vb. n.
from Dance.

Dancing girl, one of the women in the East Indies whose
profession is to dance in the temples, or for the
amusement of spectators. There are various classes of
dancing girls.

Dancing master, a teacher of dancing.

Dancing school, a school or place where dancing is taught.

Synonyms: active, dance, saltation, terpsichore

See Also: break dance, break dancing, ceremonial dance, choreography, diversion, duet, hoofing, nauch, nautch, nautch dance, pas de deux, pas seul, pavan, pavane, recreation, ritual dance, ritual dancing, saraband, skank, slam dance, slam dancing, social dancing, stage dancing, step dancing, toe dance, toe dancing, variation

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