Definitions for: Cypress Family

[n] cypresses and junipers and many cedars

Synonyms: Cupressaceae, family Cupressaceae

See Also: Athrotaxis, Austrocedrus, Callitris, Calocedrus, cedar, cedar tree, Chamaecyparis, Coniferales, Cryptomeria, Cupressus, genus Athrotaxis, genus Austrocedrus, genus Callitris, genus Calocedrus, genus Chamaecyparis, genus Cryptomeria, genus Cupressus, genus Juniperus, genus Libocedrus, genus Metasequoia, genus Sequoia, genus Sequoiadendron, genus Taxodium, genus Tetraclinis, genus Thuja, genus Thujopsis, gymnosperm family, Juniperus, Libocedrus, order Coniferales, redwood, redwood family, sequoia, Sequoiadendron, subfamily Taxodiaceae, Taxodiaceae, Taxodium, Tetraclinis, Thuja, Thujopsis

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