Definitions for: Cullis

[n] a gutter in a roof

Webster (1913) Definition: Cul"lis (k?l"l?s), n. [OF. cole["i]s, F. coulis, fr.
OF. & F. couler to strain, to flow, fr. L. colare to filter,
strain; cf. LL. coladicium. Cf. Colander.]
A strong broth of meat, strained and made clear for invalids;
also, a savory jelly. [Obs.]

When I am exellent at caudles And cullises . . . you
shall be welcome to me. --Beau. & Fl.

Cul"lis, n.; pl. Cullises (-?z). [F. coulisse groove,
fr. the same source as E. cullis broth.] (Arch.)
A gutter in a roof; a channel or groove.

See Also: building, edifice, gutter, trough

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