Definitions for: Crunch

[n] the act of crushing
[n] the sound of something crunching; "he heard the crunch of footsteps on the gravel path"
[n] a critical situation that arises because of a shortage (as a shortage of time or money or resources); "an end-of-the year crunch"; "a financial crunch"
[v] reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading; "grind the spices in a mortar"; "mash the garlic"
[v] make crunching noises; "his shoes were crunching on the gravel"
[v] chew noisily; "The children crunched the celery sticks"
[v] press or grind with a crunching noise
[v] make a crunching noise, as of an engine lacking lubricants

Webster (1913) Definition: Crunch (kr[u^]nch), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Crunched
(kr[u^]ncht); p. pr. & vb. n. Crunching.] [Prob. of
imitative origin; or cf. D. schransen to eat heartily, or E.
1. To chew with force and noise; to craunch.

And their white tusks crunched o'er the whiter
skull. --Byron.

2. To grind or press with violence and noise.

The ship crunched through the ice. --Kane.

3. To emit a grinding or craunching noise.

The crunching and ratting of the loose stones. --H.

Crunch, v. t.
To crush with the teeth; to chew with a grinding noise; to
craunch; as, to crunch a biscuit.

Synonyms: bray, comminute, compaction, crackle, cranch, craunch, crump, crush, grind, grind, mash, munch, scranch, scraunch, scrunch, thud

See Also: break up, chew, compressing, compression, fragment, fragmentise, fragmentize, go, grind, grind down, jaw, make noise, manducate, masticate, mill, mill, noise, noise, pestle, press, pulp, pulverisation, pulverization, resound, situation, sound, state of affairs, tyrannise, tyrannize

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