Definitions for: Crone

[n] an ugly evil-looking old woman

Webster (1913) Definition: Crone (kr?n), n. [OD. kronie, karonie, an old sheep, OF.
carogne, F. charogne, carrion (also F. carogne illnatured
woman.). See Carrion, and Crony.]
1. An old ewe. [Obs.] --Tusser.

2. An old woman; -- usually in contempt.

But still the crone was constant to her note.

3. An old man; especially, a man who talks and acts like an
old woman. [R.]

The old crone [a negro man] lived in a hovel, . . .
which his master had given him. --W. Irving.

A few old battered crones of office. --Beaconsfield.

Synonyms: beldam, beldame, hag, witch

See Also: old woman

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