Definitions for: Create

[v] bring into existence; "The company was created 25 years ago"; "He created a new movement in painting"
[v] make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"
[v] create or manufacture a man-made product; "We produce more cars than we can sell"; "The company has been making toys for two centuries"
[v] create by artistic means; "create a poem"; "Schoenberg created twelve-tone music"; "Picasso created Cubism"; "Auden made verses"
[v] pursue a creative activity; be engaged in a creative activity; "Don't disturb him--he is creating"
[v] invest with a new title, office, or rank; "Create one a peer"

Webster (1913) Definition: Cre*ate" (kr[-e]*[=a]t"), a.[L. creatus, p. p. of
creare to create; akin to Gr. krai`nein to accomplish, Skr.
k[.r] to make, and to E. ending -cracy in aristocracy, also
to crescent, cereal.]
Created; composed; begotten. [Obs.]

Hearts create of duty and zeal. --Shak.

Cre*ate", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Created; p. pr. & vb.
n. Creating.]
1. To bring into being; to form out of nothing; to cause to

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the
earth. --Gen. i. 1.

2. To effect by the agency, and under the laws, of causation;
to be the occasion of; to cause; to produce; to form or
fashion; to renew.

Your eye in Scotland Would create soldiers. --Shak.

Create in me a clean heart. --Ps. li. 10.

3. To invest with a new form, office, or character; to
constitute; to appoint; to make; as, to create one a peer.
``I create you companions to our person.'' --Shak.

Synonyms: make

See Also: act, actualise, actualize, appoint, arouse, assemble, bear, beat, beget, bootleg, breed, bring, bring about, bring forth, bring up, build, call down, call forth, cause, charge, choreograph, churn out, clap together, clap up, clear, cleave, compose, confect, conjure, conjure up, construct, cook up, copy, create, create by mental act, create from raw material, create from raw stuff, create mentally, create verbally, customise, customize, custom-make, cut, cut out, derive, design, develop, direct, distil, distill, do, draw, dummy, dummy up, educe, elaborate, elicit, engender, enkindle, establish, evoke, extract, extrude, fabricate, father, film, film-make, fire, foam, form, froth, fudge together, generate, get, give, give rise, incorporate, initiate, institute, invent, invoke, kindle, laminate, lay down, machine, make for, make over, make up, manufacture, mother, move, multiply, organise, organize, originate, output, overproduce, paint, piece, play, preassemble, prefabricate, prepare, press, print, procreate, produce, proof, provoke, publish, pulsate, pulse, puncture, put forward, put on, put out, put together, raise, realise, realize, recreate, re-create, redo, refashion, regenerate, reinvent, remake, render, reproduce, return, scrape, set up, short, short-circuit, sire, slap together, smelt, spume, squeeze out, start, stir, strike, style, substantiate, suds, tack, tack together, tailor-make, throw together, track, turn in, turn out, twine, underproduce, work, wreak, write, yield

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