Definitions for: Coupling

[n] the act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes; "the casual couplings of adolescents"; "the mating of some species occurs only in the spring"
[n] a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects
[n] connection between two things so they move together

Webster (1913) Definition: Coup"ling (-l?ng), n.
1. The act of bringing or coming together; connection; sexual

2. (Mach.) A device or contrivance which serves to couple or
connect adjacent parts or objects; as, a belt coupling,
which connects the ends of a belt; a car coupling, which
connects the cars in a train; a shaft coupling, which
connects the ends of shafts.

Box coupling, Chain coupling. See under Box, Chain.

Coupling box, a coupling shaped like a journal box, for
clamping together the ends of two shafts, so that they may
revolve together.

Coupling pin, a pin or bolt used in coupling or joining
together railroad cars, etc.

Synonyms: conjugation, coupler, mating, pairing, sexual union, union, yoke

See Also: assortative mating, clevis, clutch, connecter, connection, connective, connector, connexion, cross, crossbreeding, crossing, disassortative mating, fluid drive, hybridisation, hybridization, hybridizing, inbreeding, interbreeding, mechanical device, service, servicing, sex, sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice, swivel, universal, universal joint

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