Definitions for: Counterbore

[n] a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole

Webster (1913) Definition: Coun"ter*bore` (-b?r`), n.
1. A flat-bottomed cylindrical enlargement of the mouth of a
hole, usually of slight depth, as for receiving a
cylindrical screw head.

2. A kind of pin drill with the cutting edge or edges normal
to the axis; -- used for enlarging a hole, or for forming
a flat-bottomed recess at its mouth.

Coun`ter*bore" (koun`t?r-b?r"), v. t.
To form a counterbore in, by boring, turning, or drilling; to
enlarge, as a hole, by means of a counterbore.

Synonyms: countersink, countersink bit

See Also: bit

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