Definitions for: Corresponding

[adj] agreeing in amount, magnitude, or degree; "the figures are large but the corresponding totals next year will be larger"
[adj] accompanying; "all rights carry with them corresponding responsibilities"
[adj] conforming in every respect; "boxes with corresponding dimensions"; "the like period of the preceding year"
[adj] similar especially in position or purpose; "a number of corresponding diagonal points"

Webster (1913) Definition: Cor`re*spond"ing, a.
1. Answering; conformable; agreeing; suiting; as,
corresponding numbers.

2. Carrying on intercourse by letters.

Corresponding member of a society, one residing at a
distance, who has been invited to correspond with the
society, and aid in carrying out its designs without
taking part in its management.

Synonyms: commensurate, comparable, in proportion to, like, proportionate, related, related to, same, similar

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