Definitions for: Context

[n] discourse that surrounds a language unit and helps to determine its interpretation
[n] the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event; "the historical context"

Webster (1913) Definition: Con*text", a. [L. contextus, p. p. of contexere to
weave, to unite; con- + texere to weave. See Text.]
Knit or woven together; close; firm. [Obs.]

The coats, without, are context and callous. --Derham.

Con"text, n. [L. contextus; cf. F. contexte .]
The part or parts of something written or printed, as of
Scripture, which precede or follow a text or quoted sentence,
or are so intimately associated with it as to throw light
upon its meaning.

According to all the light that the contexts afford.

Con*text", v. t.
To knit or bind together; to unite closely. [Obs.] --Feltham.

The whole world's frame, which is contexted only by
commerce and contracts. --R. Junius.

Synonyms: circumstance, context of use, linguistic context

See Also: discourse, environment

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