Definitions for: Constrain

[v] restrict; "Tighten the rules"; "stiffen the regulations"
[v] hold back

Webster (1913) Definition: Con*strain", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Constrained; p.
pr. & vb. n. Constraining.] [OF. constraindre, F.
contrainde, L. constringere; con- + stringere to draw tight.
See Strain, and. cf. Constrict, Constringe.]
1. To secure by bonds; to chain; to bond or confine; to hold
tightly; to constringe.

He binds in chains The drowsy prophet, and his limbs
constrains. --Dryden.

When winter frosts constrain the fields with cold.

2. To bring into a narrow compass; to compress.

How the strait stays the slender waist constrain.

3. To hold back by force; to restrain; to repress.

My sire in caves constrains the winds. --Dryden.

4. To compel; to force; to necessitate; to oblige.

The love of Christ constraineth us. --2. Cor. v.

I was constrained to appeal unto C[ae]sar. --Acts
xxviii. 19.

5. To violate; to ravish. [Obs.] --Shak.

6. To produce in such a manner as to give an unnatural
effect; as, a constrained voice.

Syn: To compel; force; drive; impel; urge; press.

Synonyms: cumber, encumber, restrain, stiffen, tighten, tighten up

See Also: bound, bound, bridle, clog, confine, confine, curb, limit, limit, restrain, restrict, restrict, throttle, throttle, trammel, trammel

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