Definitions for: Connected

[adj] joined or linked together
[adj] stored in, controlled by, or in direct communication with a central computer
[adj] plugged in; "first check to see whether the appliance is connected"
[adj] being joined in close association; "affiliated clubs"; "all art schools whether independent or attached to universities"
[adj] associated with or accompanying; "Christmas and associated festivities"
[adj] wired together to an alarm system; "all the window alarms are connected"

Synonyms: abutting, adjacent, adjoining, adjunctive, affiliated, affined, associated, attached, bordering(a), connecting, conterminous, contiguous, coupled, engaged, intimate, joined, linked, machine-accessible, neighboring(a), on, on-line, related, related to, siamese, socially connected, well-connected, wired

Antonyms: unconnected

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