Definitions for: Concourse

[n] a coming together of people
[n] a wide hallway in a building where people can walk
[n] a large gathering of people

Webster (1913) Definition: Con"course, n. [F. concours, L. concursus, fr.
concurrere to run together. See Concur.]
1. A moving, flowing, or running together; confluence.

The good frame of the universe was not the product
of chance or fortuitous concourse of particles of
matter. --Sir M. Hale.

2. An assembly; a gathering formed by a voluntary or
spontaneous moving and meeting in one place.

Amidst the concourse were to be seen the noble
ladies of Milan, in gay, fantastic cars, shining in
silk brocade. --Prescott.

3. The place or point of meeting or junction of two bodies.

The drop will begin to move toward the concourse of
the glasses. --Sir I.

4. An open space where several roads or paths meet; esp. an
open space in a park where several roads meet.

5. Concurrence; co["o]peration. [Obs.]

The divine providence is wont to afford its
concourse to such proceeding. --Barrow.

Synonyms: confluence, multitude, throng

See Also: assemblage, coming together, gathering, hall, hallway, herd, hive, horde, host, legion, meeting, merging, ruck

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