Definitions for: Community

[n] (ecology) a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other
[n] the body of people in a learned occupation; "the news spread rapidly through the medical community"
[n] a group of people living in a particular local area; "the team is drawn from all parts of the community"
[n] a group of people having ethnic or cultural or religious characteristics in common; "the Christian community of the apostolic age"; "he was well known throughout the Catholic community"
[n] a group of nations having common interests; "they hoped to join the NATO community"
[n] a district where people live; occupied primarily by private residences
[n] common ownership; "they shared a community of possessions"
[n] agreement as to goals; "the preachers and the bootleggers found they had a community of interests"
[adj] belonging to and maintained by and for the local community; "community parks"

Webster (1913) Definition: Com*mu"ni*ty, n.; pl. Communities. [L. communitas:
cf. OF. communit['e]. Cf. Commonalty, and see Common.]
1. Common possession or enjoyment; participation; as, a
community of goods.

The original community of all things. --Locke.

An unreserved community of thought and feeling. --W.

2. A body of people having common rights, privileges, or
interests, or living in the same place under the same laws
and regulations; as, a community of monks. Hence a number
of animals living in a common home or with some apparent
association of interests.

Creatures that in communities exist. --Wordsworth.

3. Society at large; a commonwealth or state; a body politic;
the public, or people in general.

Burdens upon the poorer classes of the community.

Note: In this sense, the term should be used with the
definite article; as, the interests of the community.

4. Common character; likeness. [R.]

The essential community of nature between organic
growth and inorganic growth. --H. Spencer.

5. Commonness; frequency. [Obs.]

Eyes . . . sick and blunted with community. --Shak.

Synonyms: biotic community, community of interests, local, profession, residential area, residential district

See Also: accord, agreement, assemblage, bar, biome, business community, businessmen, community of scholars, convent, crossroads, district, economics profession, exurbia, gathering, Georgetown, Greenwich Village, group, grouping, hamlet, health profession, horde, house, housing development, housing estate, international organisation, international organization, legal community, legal profession, neighborhood, neighbourhood, occupational group, ownership, parish, people, priesthood, rabbit warren, settlement, small town, speech community, suburb, suburban area, suburbia, tenement district, territory, uptown, Village, village, vocation, warren, world organisation, world organization

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