Definitions for: Commanding

[adj] not allowing contradiction or refusal; "spoke in commanding (or peremptory) tones"; "peremptory commands"
[adj] used of a height or viewpoint; "a commanding view of the ocean"; "looked up at the castle dominating the countryside"; "the balcony overlooking the ballroom"
[adj] of the highest rank; used of persons; "the commanding officer"

Webster (1913) Definition: Com*mand"ing, a.
1. Exercising authority; actually in command; as, a
commanding officer.

2. Fitted to impress or control; as, a commanding look or

3. Exalted; overlooking; having superior strategic
advantages; as, a commanding position.

Syn: Authoritative; imperative; imperious.

Synonyms: dominating, high, imperative, overlooking, peremptory, ranking, superior, top-level, top-ranking

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