Definitions for: Comestible

[n] any substance that can be used as food
[adj] suitable for use as food

Webster (1913) Definition: Co*mes"ti*ble, a. [F. comestible, fr. L. comesus,
comestus, p. p. of comedere to eat; com- + edere to eat.]
Suitable to be eaten; eatable; esculent.

Some herbs are most comestible. --Sir T.

Co*mes"ti*ble, n.
Something suitable to be eaten; -- commonly in the plural.

Synonyms: eatable, eatable, edible, edible, killable, nonpoisonous, nontoxic, pabulum, victual, victuals

Antonyms: inedible, uneatable

See Also: digestible, food, nutrient, palatable, tender, tuck

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