Definitions for: Comedy

[n] a comic incident or series of incidents
[n] light and humorous drama with a happy ending

Webster (1913) Definition: Com"e*dy, n.; pl. Comedies. [F. com['e]die, L.
comoedia, fr. Gr. ?; ? a jovial festivity with music and
dancing, a festal procession, an ode sung at this procession
(perh. akin to ? village, E. home) + ? to sing; for comedy
was originally of a lyric character. See Home, and Ode.]
A dramatic composition, or representation of a bright and
amusing character, based upon the foibles of individuals, the
manners of society, or the ludicrous events or accidents of
life; a play in which mirth predominates and the termination
of the plot is happy; -- opposed to tragedy.

With all the vivacity of comedy. --Macaulay.

Are come to play a pleasant comedy. --Shak.

Synonyms: clowning, drollery, funniness

Antonyms: tragedy

See Also: black comedy, commedia dell'arte, drama, farce, farce comedy, fun, high comedy, low comedy, melodrama, play, seriocomedy, situation comedy, slapstick, sport, tragicomedy, travesty

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