Definitions for: Climax

[n] the moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse
[n] the decisive moment in a novel or play; "the deathbed scene is the climax of the play"
[n] arrangement of clauses in ascending order of forcefulness
[n] the highest point of anything conceived of as growing or developing or unfolding; "the climax of the artist's career"; "in the flood tide of his success"
[n] the most severe stage of a disease
[v] end, esp. to reach a final or climactic stage; "The meeting culminated in a tearful embrace"

Webster (1913) Definition: Cli"max, n. [L., from Gr. ? ladder, staircase, fr. ? to
make to bend, to lean. See Ladder, Lean, v. i.]
1. Upward movement; steady increase; gradation; ascent.

2. (Rhet.) A figure in which the parts of a sentence or
paragraph are so arranged that each succeeding one rises
above its predecessor in impressiveness.

``Tribulation worketh patience, patience experience,
and experience hope'' -- a happy climax. --J. D.

3. The highest point; the greatest degree.

We must look higher for the climax of earthly good.
--I. Taylor.

To cap the climax, to surpass everything, as in excellence
or in absurdity. [Colloq.]

Synonyms: coming, culminate, culmination, flood tide, orgasm, sexual climax

See Also: cease, consummation, crown, degree, end, finish, instant, juncture, level, male orgasm, minute, moment, occasion, point, rhetorical device, second, stage, stop, story, terminate, top

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