Definitions for: Chauvinism

[n] activity indicative of belief in the superiority of men over women
[n] fanatical patriotism

Webster (1913) Definition: Chau"vin*ism, n. [F. chauvinisme, from Chauvin, a
character represented as making grotesque and threatening
displays of his attachment to his fallen chief, Napoleon I.,
in 1815.]
Blind and absurd devotion to a fallen leader or an obsolete
cause; hence, absurdly vainglorious or exaggerated
patriotism. -- Chau"vin*ist, n. -- Chau`vin*is"tic, a.

Note: To have a generous belief in the greatness of one's
country is not chauvinism. It is the character of the
latter quality to be wildly extravagant, to be fretful
and childish and silly, to resent a doubt as an insult,
and to offend by its very frankness. --Prof. H. Tuttle.

Synonyms: antifeminism, jingoism, male chauvinism, superpatriotism, ultranationalism

See Also: nationalism, patriotism, sexism

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