Definitions for: Chaplet

[n] flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes

Webster (1913) Definition: Chap"let, n. [F. chapelet, dim. of OF. chapel hat,
garland, dim. fr. LL. cappa. See Cap, and cf. Chapelet,
1. A garland or wreath to be worn on the head.

2. A string of beads, or part of a string, used by Roman
Catholic in praying; a third of a rosary, or fifty beads.

Her chaplet of beads and her missal. --Longfellow.

3. (Arch.) A small molding, carved into beads, pearls,
olives, etc.

4. (Man.) A chapelet. See Chapelet, 1.

5. (Founding) A bent piece of sheet iron, or a pin with thin
plates on its ends, for holding a core in place in the

6. A tuft of feathers on a peacock's head. --Johnson.

Chap"let, n.
A small chapel or shrine.

Chap"let, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Chapleted.]
To adorn with a chaplet or with flowers. --R. Browning.

Synonyms: coronal, garland, lei, wreath

See Also: bay wreath, crown, flower arrangement, laurel wreath, laurels

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