Definitions for: Celebrity

[n] a widely known person; "he was a baseball celebrity"
[n] the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed

Webster (1913) Definition: Ce*leb"ri*ty, n.; pl. Celebrities. [L. celebritas:
cf. F. c['e]l['e]brit['e].]
1. Celebration; solemnization. [Obs.]

The celebrity of the marriage. --Bacon.

2. The state or condition of being celebrated; fame; renown;
as, the celebrity of Washington.

An event of great celebrity in the history of
astronomy. --Whewell.

3. A person of distinction or renown; -- usually in the
plural; as, he is one of the celebrities of the place.

Synonyms: fame, famous person, renown

Antonyms: infamy, opprobrium

See Also: guiding light, honor, honour, immortal, important person, influential person, laurels, leading light, lion, luminary, notability, notable, personage, personality, social lion

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