Definitions for: Cavernous

[adj] (physiology) filled with vascular sinuses and capable of becoming distended and rigid as the result of being filled with blood; "erectile tissue"; "the penis is an erectile organ"
[adj] being or suggesting a cavern; "vast cavernous chambers hollowed out of limestone"

Webster (1913) Definition: Cav"ern*ous, a. [L. cavernosus: cf. F. caverneux.]
1. Full of caverns; resembling a cavern or large cavity;

2. Filled with small cavities or cells.

3. Having a sound caused by a cavity.

Cavernous body, a body of erectile tissue with large
interspaces which may be distended with blood, as in the
penis or clitoris.

Cavernous respiration, a peculiar respiratory sound andible
on auscultation, when the bronchial tubes communicate with
morbid cavities in the lungs.

Synonyms: erectile, expansive, hollow

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