Definitions for: Casualty

[n] a decrease of military personnel or equipment
[n] an accident that causes someone to die
[n] someone injured or killed in an accident
[n] someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement

Webster (1913) Definition: Cas"u*al*ty, n.; pl. Casualties. [F. casualit['e],
LL. casualitas.]
1. That which comes without design or without being foreseen;

Losses that befall them by mere casualty. --Sir W.

2. Any injury of the body from accident; hence, death, or
other misfortune, occasioned by an accident; as, an
unhappy casualty.

3. pl. (Mil. & Naval) Numerical loss caused by death, wounds,
discharge, or desertion.

Casualty ward, A ward in a hospital devoted to the
treatment of injuries received by accident.

Syn: Accident; contingency; fortuity; misfortune.

Synonyms: fatal accident, injured party

See Also: accident, damage, decrease, drop-off, equipment casualty, fatality, human death, lessening, loss, personnel casualty, victim

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