Definitions for: Burst

[n] the act of exploding or bursting something; "the explosion of the firecrackers awoke the children"; "the burst of an atom bomb creates enormous radiation aloft"
[n] a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason); "a burst of applause"; "a fit of housecleaning"
[n] rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms; "our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise"
[n] a sudden violent happening; "an outburst of heavy rain"; "a burst of lightning"
[adj] suddenly and violently broken open especially from internal pressure; "a burst balloon"; "burst pipes"; "burst seams"; "a ruptured appendix"; (`busted' is an informal term for `burst' as in"a busted balloon")
[v] burst outward, usually with noise; "The champagne bottle exploded"
[v] break open or apart suddenly; "The bubble burst"
[v] break open or apart suddenly and forcefully; "The dam burst"
[v] emerge suddenly; "The sun burst into view"
[v] force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up; "break into tears"; "erupt in anger"
[v] move suddenly, energetically, or violently; "He burst out of the house into the cool night"
[v] cause to burst; "The ice broke the pipe"
[v] be in a state of movement or action; "The room abounded with screaming children"; "The garden bristled with toddlers"

Webster (1913) Definition: Burst, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Burst; p. pr. & vb. n.
Bursting. The past participle bursten is obsolete.] [OE.
bersten, bresten, AS. berstan (pers. sing. berste, imp. sing.
b[ae]rst, imp. pl. burston, p. p. borsten); akin to D.
bersten, G. bersten, OHG. brestan, OS. brestan, Icel. bresta,
Sw. brista, Dan. briste. Cf. Brast, Break.]
1. To fly apart or in pieces; of break open; to yield to
force or pressure, especially to a sudden and violent
exertion of force, or to pressure from within; to explode;
as, the boiler had burst; the buds will burst in spring.

From the egg that soon Bursting with kindly rupture,
forth disclosed Their callow young. --Milton.

Note: Often used figuratively, as of the heart, in reference
to a surcharge of passion, grief, desire, etc.

No, no, my heart will burst, an if I speak: And I
will speak, that so my heart may burst. --Shak.

2. To exert force or pressure by which something is made
suddenly to give way; to break through obstacles or
limitations; hence, to appear suddenly and unexpectedly or
unaccountably, or to depart in such manner; -- usually
with some qualifying adverb or preposition, as forth, out,
away, into, upon, through, etc.

Tears, such as angels weep, burst forth. --Milton.

And now you burst (ah cruel!) from my arms. --Pope.

A resolved villain Whose bowels suddenly burst out.

We were the first that ever burst Into that silent
sea. --Coleridge.

To burst upon him like an earthquake. --Goldsmith.

Burst (b[^u]rst), v. t.
1. To break or rend by violence, as by an overcharge or by
strain or pressure, esp. from within; to force open
suddenly; as, to burst a cannon; to burst a blood vessel;
to burst open the doors.

My breast I'll burst with straining of my courage.

2. To break. [Obs.]

You will not pay for the glasses you have burst?

He burst his lance against the sand below. --Fairfax

3. To produce as an effect of bursting; as, to burst a hole
through the wall.

Bursting charge. See under Charge.

Burst, n.
1. A sudden breaking forth; a violent rending; an explosion;
as, a burst of thunder; a burst of applause; a burst of
passion; a burst of inspiration.

Bursts of fox-hunting melody. --W. Irving.

2. Any brief, violent exertion or effort; a spurt; as, a
burst of speed.

3. A sudden opening, as of landscape; a stretch; an expanse.
[R.] ``A fine burst of country.'' --Jane Austen.

4. A rupture or hernia; a breach.

Synonyms: abound, break, break open, bristle, bust, busted, collapse, damaged, erupt, explode, explosion, fit, flare-up, fusillade, outburst, ruptured, salvo, split, volley

Antonyms: go off, implode

See Also: activity, belch, blow, bound, break, break, cave in, change integrity, change of integrity, come apart, crump, detonate, detonation, emerge, erupt, express emotion, express feelings, extravasate, fall apart, fall in, feature, fire, firing, founder, fulmination, give, give way, happening, have, jump, leap, natural event, occurrence, rush, salvo, separate, shatter, split up, spring, stave, stave in

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