Definitions for: Brand

[n] a cutting or thrusting weapon with a long blade
[n] a recognizable kind; "there's a new brand of hero in the movies now"; "what make of car is that?"
[n] a symbol of disgrace or infamy; "And the Lord set a mark upon Cain"--Genesis
[n] identification mark on skin, made by burning
[n] a name given to a product or service
[n] a piece of wood that has been burned or is burning
[v] mark or expose as infamous; "She was branded a loose woman"
[v] to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful; "He denounced the government action"; "She was stigmatized by society because she had a child out of wedlock"
[v] burn with a branding iron to indicate ownership; of animals

Webster (1913) Definition: Brand, n. [OE. brand, brond, AS. brand brond brand,
sword, from byrnan, beornan, to burn; akin to D., Dan., Sw.,
& G. brand brand, Icel. brandr a brand, blade of a sword.
[root]32. See Burn, v. t., and cf. Brandish.]
1. A burning piece of wood; or a stick or piece of wood
partly burnt, whether burning or after the fire is

Snatching a live brand from a wigwam, Mason threw it
on a matted roof. --Palfrey.

2. A sword, so called from its glittering or flashing
brightness. [Poetic] --Tennyson.

Paradise, so late their happy seat, Waved over by
that flaming brand. --Milton.

3. A mark made by burning with a hot iron, as upon a cask, to
designate the quality, manufacturer, etc., of the
contents, or upon an animal, to designate ownership; --
also, a mark for a similar purpose made in any other way,
as with a stencil. Hence, figurately: Quality; kind;
grade; as, a good brand of flour.

4. A mark put upon criminals with a hot iron. Hence: Any mark
of infamy or vice; a stigma.

The brand of private vice. --Channing.

5. An instrument to brand with; a branding iron.

6. (Bot.) Any minute fungus which produces a burnt appearance
in plants. The brands are of many species and several
genera of the order Puccini[ae]i.

Brand, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Branded; p. pr. & vb. n.
1. To burn a distinctive mark into or upon with a hot iron,
to indicate quality, ownership, etc., or to mark as
infamous (as a convict).

2. To put an actual distinctive mark upon in any other way,
as with a stencil, to show quality of contents, name of
manufacture, etc.

3. Fig.: To fix a mark of infamy, or a stigma, upon.

The Inquisition branded its victims with infamy.

There were the enormities, branded and condemned by
the first and most natural verdict of common
humanity. --South.

4. To mark or impress indelibly, as with a hot iron.

As if it were branded on my mind. --Geo. Eliot.

Synonyms: blade, brand name, denounce, firebrand, make, mark, mark, marque, post, stain, steel, stigma, stigmatise, stigmatize, sword, trade name

See Also: arm, backsword, bar sinister, bend sinister, broadsword, call, cavalry sword, cloven foot, cloven hoof, cutlas, cutlass, demerit, Excalibur, falchion, fencing sword, firewood, foible, form, forte, haft, helve, hilt, kind, label, label, marker, marking, name, peak, point, rapier, recording label, saber, sabre, sort, symbol, tip, variety, weapon, weapon system

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