Definitions for: Boy Scout

[n] a boy who is a member of the Boy Scouts
[n] a man who is considered naive

Webster (1913) Definition: Boy scout
Orig., a member of the ``Boy Scouts,'' an organization of
boys founded in 1908, by Sir R. S. S. Baden-Powell, to
promote good citizenship by creating in them a spirit of
civic duty and of usefulness to others, by stimulating their
interest in wholesome mental, moral, industrial, and physical
activities, etc. Hence, a member of any of the other similar
organizations, which are now worldwide. In ``The Boy Scouts
of America'' the local councils are generally under a scout
commissioner, under whose supervision are scout masters, each
in charge of a troop of two or more patrols of eight scouts
each, who are of three classes, tenderfoot, {second-class
scout}, and first-class scout.

See Also: boy, Boy Scouts, cub scout, eagle scout, inexperienced person, innocent, male child, rover, scouter, sea scout

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