Definitions for: Botanist

[n] a biologist specializing in the study of plants

Webster (1913) Definition: Bot"a*nist, n. [Cf. F. botaniste.]
One skilled in botany; one versed in the knowledge of plants.

Synonyms: phytologist, plant scientist

See Also: Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, Asa Gray, Banks, biologist, Brown, Carl von Linne, Carolus Linnaeus, Carver, Cohn, Curtis, De Vries, deVries, Ferdinand Julius Cohn, George Washington Carver, Gray, Gregor Mendel, Hugo De Vries, Hugo deVries, Johann Mendel, John Tradescant, Jussieu, Karl Linne, life scientist, Linnaeus, Mendel, mycologist, propagator, Robert Brown, Sir Joseph Banks, Tradescant, William Curtis

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