Definitions for: Bloomer

[n] an embarrassing mistake
[n] a flower that blooms in a particular way; "a night bloomer"

Webster (1913) Definition: Bloom"er, n. [From Mrs. Bloomer, an American, who
sought to introduce this style of dress.]
1. A costume for women, consisting of a short dress, with
loose trousers gathered round ankles, and (commonly) a
broad-brimmed hat.

2. A woman who wears a Bloomer costume.

Synonyms: blooper, blunder, boner, boo-boo, botch, bungle, flub, foul-up, fuckup

See Also: bull, clanger, error, fault, faux pas, flower, fluff, fumble, gaffe, gaucherie, howler, misstep, mistake, muff, slip, snafu, solecism, spectacle, stumble, trip

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