Definitions for: Bird Genus

[n] Any of the class Aves of warm-blooded, egg-laying, feathered vertebrates with forelimbs modified to form wings.

See Also: Alauda, Anthus, Atrichornis, Carduelis, Carpodacus, Casuarius, Chlorura, Coccothraustes, Coereba, Contopus, Craniata, Dinornis, Drepanis, Dromaius, Emberiza, Estrilda, Fringilla, genus, genus Aepyornis, genus Alauda, genus Anomalopteryx, genus Anthus, genus Apteryx, genus Archaeopteryx, genus Archaeornis, genus Archeopteryx, genus Atrichornis, genus Carduelis, genus Carpodacus, genus Casuarius, genus Chlorura, genus Coccothraustes, genus Coereba, genus Contopus, genus Dinornis, genus Drepanis, genus Dromaius, genus Emberiza, genus Estrilda, genus Fringilla, genus Hesperiphona, genus Ibero-mesornis, genus Junco, genus Loxia, genus Melospiza, genus Menura, genus Motacilla, genus Padda, genus Passer, genus Passerina, genus Pinicola, genus Pipilo, genus Plectrophenax, genus Ploceus, genus Poephila, genus Pooecetes, genus Protoavis, genus Prunella, genus Pterocnemia, genus Pyrrhula, genus Pyrrhuloxia, genus Rhea, genus Richmondena, genus Sayornis, genus Serinus, genus Sinornis, genus Spinus, genus Spizella, genus Struthio, genus Tyrannus, genus Vidua, genus Zonotrichia, Hesperiphona, Loxia, Melospiza, Menura, Motacilla, Padda, Passer, Passerina, Pinicola, Pipilo, Plectrophenax, Ploceus, Poephila, Pooecetes, Prunella, Pterocnemia, Pyrrhula, Richmondena, Sayornis, Serinus, Spinus, Spizella, Struthio, subphylum Craniata, subphylum Vertebrata, Tyrannus, Vertebrata, Vidua, Zonotrichia

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