Definitions for: Biology

[n] the science that studies living organisms
[n] all the plant and animal life of a particular region
[n] characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms; "the biology of viruses"

Webster (1913) Definition: Bi*ol"o*gy, n. [Gr. ? life + -logy: cf. F. biologie.]
The science of life; that branch of knowledge which treats of
living matter as distinct from matter which is not living;
the study of living tissue. It has to do with the origin,
structure, development, function, and distribution of animals
and plants.

Synonyms: biological science, biota

See Also: accumulation, aggregation, assemblage, astrobiology, biogeography, bionomics, bioscience, botany, collection, cytology, ecology, embryology, environmental science, exobiology, fauna, flora, forestry, genetic science, genetics, life, life science, microbiology, molecular biology, morphology, neurobiology, palaeobiology, paleobiology, physiology, phytology, radiobiology, sociobiology, space biology, vegetation, zoological science, zoology

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