Definitions for: Beta

[n] the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet
[n] beets

Webster (1913) Definition: Be"ta, n. [Gr. bh^ta.]
The second letter of the Greek alphabet, B, [beta]. See B,
and cf. etymology of Alphabet.

Note: Beta (B, [beta]) is used variously for classifying, as:
(a) (Astron.) To designate some bright star, usually the
second brightest, of a constellation, as, [beta]
(b) (Chem.) To distinguish one of two or more isomers; also,
to indicate the position of substituting atoms or groups
in certain compounds; as, [beta]-naphthol. With acids, it
commonly indicates that the substituent is in union with
the carbon atom next to that to which the carboxyl group
is attached.

Synonyms: genus Beta

See Also: alphabetic character, beet, Beta vulgaris, caryophylloid dicot genus, Chenopodiaceae, common beet, family Chenopodiaceae, goosefoot family, Greek alphabet, letter, letter of the alphabet

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