Definitions for: Bedlam

[n] pejorative terms for an insane asylum
[n] a state of extreme confusion and disorder

Webster (1913) Definition: Bed"lam, n. [See Bethlehem.]
1. A place appropriated to the confinement and care of the
insane; a madhouse. --Abp. Tillotson.

2. An insane person; a lunatic; a madman. [Obs.]

Let's get the bedlam to lead him. --Shak.

3. Any place where uproar and confusion prevail.

Bed"lam, a.
Belonging to, or fit for, a madhouse. ``The bedlam, brainsick
duchess.'' --Shak.

Synonyms: booby hatch, chaos, crazy house, cuckoo's nest, funny farm, funny house, loony bin, madhouse, nut house, nuthouse, pandemonium, sanatorium, snake pit, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness

See Also: asylum, balagan, confusion, insane asylum, institution, mental home, mental hospital, mental institution, psychiatric hospital

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