Definitions for: Bacteria Genus

[n] a genus of bacteria

See Also: Aerobacter, Agrobacterium, Bacteroides, division Eubacteria, family Nitrobacteriaceae, genus, genus Actinomyces, genus Aerobacter, genus Agrobacterium, genus Bacillus, genus Bacteroides, genus Borrelia, genus Chlamydia, genus Clostridium, genus Diplococcus, genus Erwinia, genus Escherichia, genus Klebsiella, genus Lactobacillus, genus Leptospira, genus Micrococcus, genus Mycobacterium, genus Mycoplasma, genus Nitrobacter, genus Nitrosomonas, genus Nostoc, genus Polyangium, genus Pseudomonas, genus Rhizobium, genus Rickettsia, genus Salmonella, genus Shigella, genus Spirillum, genus Spirochaeta, genus Staphylococcus, genus Streptococcus, genus Streptomyces, genus Thiobacillus, genus Treponema, genus Trichodesmium, genus Vibrio, genus Xanthomonas, Micrococcus, Nitrobacter, Nitrobacteriaceae, Nitrosomonas, Polyangium, Pseudomonas, Rhizobium, Spirochaeta, Xanthomonas

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