Definitions for: Aware(p)

[adj] (sometimes followed by `of') having or showing realization or perception; "was aware of his opponent's hostility"; "became aware of her surroundings"; "aware that he had exceeded the speed limit"
[adj] (usually followed by `of') having knowledge or understanding; "our youth are cognizant of the law"; "I am well aware of his limitations"
[adj] alert and fully informed; "politically aware"; "a knowing collector of rare books"; "the most...technically aware of the novelists under thirty"- W.S.Graham; "surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on"

Synonyms: alert, alive(p), awake(p), cognisant, cognizant, conscious(p), informed, knowing, knowledgeable, sensible, well aware(p)

Antonyms: incognizant, unaware

See Also: conscious, sensitive

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